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Our Shanghai sales offices is looking for:


1) Sales Executive

- Spontaneous, Target-Driven and Hardworking Females

- With knowledge of adhesive tapes and chemical industry

- Have relevant sales experience in the Electronics & Electrical Field

- Familiar with regions in China e.g. Hunshan, Suzhou, Huxi Wu Jiang, Da Chang, Shanghai


2) Admin Clerk (2x Available)

- Females only

- No Minimum Age Required

- Able to operate Microsoft Office

- Experience in co-ordination of sales and financial/trading administration

- Relevant experience in the chemical industry

- Priority will be giving to those who possess a driving license.


For more information, please kindly email your resume to [email protected] or contact Ms Zhao at 86-13512163812 or Ms Jin (HR Dept) at 86-2139102631.




Room 101, Block 10, City Harbourfront Xinyu Road Jiading District, Shanghai City, China, 201824

上海辦事處: 上海市嘉定區新郁路都市港灣101F01

Tel: (86) 13 512163812 / (86) 21 39100942   Fax: (86) 21 69193519

Email: [email protected]







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